creator of the arts.

"Blake Youngman is an artist based in Australia whose paintings have been exhibited internationally. In addition, his art has been featured in publications such as Art Market Magazine & Artist Close Up. Youngman's surrealistic take on figuration is also layered with symbolism, as he believes that this generation is becoming further detached from reality. In his artistic process, he most often employs acrylics, oils, and pastels on canvas or paper." - singulart

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  • Painting

    My personal love for oil painting and creation has stemmed from a youthful age. In art, nothing can be wrong and having the freedom to create outside the lines can be more than thought provoking.

  • Tattoo

    As a tattoo apprentice, I'm now ready to add to my skill set in art, exploring more into mediums and different methods of artwork. The thoughts of putting my paintings permanently on a body entices me in all sorts of ways.

  • Experimental

    Sometimes an art piece can go as far as the surface itself. Encorporating the two, three or four can finish in something rather personal and unique.